Northvale, New Jersey Wellness Spa

Bergen County, New Jersey's wellness spa, Mindful Waters, provides you with optimal health benefits that will restore your body, just around 20 miles northwest of New York City across the Hudson River. Whether you've had a long hard day at work, home, or at the gym, stop into our spa and enjoy treatment that will give your body the peace and restoration it deserves.

We offer spa services that include: Infrared Saunas, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, Cryotherapy, Cold Plunge Pool, Vibration Therapy, Braintap, and Compression Therapy. All to put your mind, body, and soul at ease. Our flotation therapy, often referred to as sensory deprivation therapy or isolation therapy, provides your body with several benefits while serving to release tension and pain.

Mindful Waters' Northvale, New Jersey, wellness spa also provides guests with a luxurious hydrogen water bar. Receive natural and vibrant health with the boost of hydrogen in your water.

Our goal is to assist you in living a cleaner, more balanced, healthier life and we want to be sure your self-care and recovery is a priority. Stop by our Northvale, New Jersey, wellness spa today. For all inquiries, please contact us here and we'll be happy to help you!